Losing my Virginity (part 3)

So there is a pretext to the previous installation of this story. You see, I was staying with L in Montreal at the time, and I was dating another girl K. K was a virgin and I was under the pretexts of being a virgin, I had already slept with B, once but K and I had broken up then, or something? And now I had slept with L. L confronted me with this in the morning, I excsued it by saying that I was going to break it off with K anyway. Which I was because K was crazy. She was really, really beautiful, thin and tall with long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.

K was  my crazy rock and roll teenage angst filled girlfriend. she was 17 I was 18 we lived in the same neighborhood, we liked to make out and have dramatic fights. She was a cutter and would regurgitate rock lyrics as original poetry. She had a shitty Subaru and we would drive around listening to the Hair soundtrack because that was all she would put on. Short story she was awesome and she seemed to hate my guts. She was a virgin and I was too, or so I told myself and then told her, for there was that incident when I was a kid, but that didn’t count, and that other thing that happened.

When I was 16, Junior year of high school I was at a party with my friend J. He was dating a girl and she had a friend whose parents were out of town So a bunch of us went out there and spent the night. Her parents had a bar and a pinball machine. the livingroom was huge and contained a gigantic television. We drank liquor dinks all night and played games. At the end of the night we all had seperate bedroom, enough that the 5 couples were mostly able to find their own rooms while a few singels and groups shared others, I ended up sharing a bed with a  girl named E.

We kissed all night. I remember her nose was large and i could feel it on my cheek while we kissed. I had my hand up her shirt and she had large breasts they were soft and firm and her nipples were hard and soft at the same time. I kisses her stomach for a while, paying attention to the edge of her panties. I pushed the crotch of her underwear aside and slipped my thumb into her wet pussy and fingered her before pulling off her panties.

I went down on her. this was the first time I had tasted a woman in this way, pungent! but i stayed and licked her pussy and she quietly moaned. it was 3 AM.

She whispered to me ” do you have a condom?”

I was unprepared I really wasn’t expecting this, I said yes wait one second and I left the room. I knew J had one so I quietly woke him and procured it from him. And quickly returned to E.

"I have one." I whispered to her and we kissed some more while we fumbled with the condom. We were both virgins. I got on top and she guided me into her pussy I started. We were having sex, she was so warm and snug, it felt wonderfull, I loved it when i could get deep inside so I could feel her on the base of my cockwhere the condom wasn’t. A knock at the door.

It was J.

"what do you want. go away"

"I need to talk to you"

"go away", this when on for a moment.

E, “go see what he wants.”

I go to the door, “what?”

"Are you sure you want to got through with this, is everything ok?" he asks.His girlfriend sent im to check on E, to make sure it was on the up and up.

I want to kill him. “Go to bed everything is fine.”

I return to E, the mood is killed. I take off the condom. She wants to please me though and she begins to give me head, then begins to choke and says she cant do it. I tell her its ok and we go to sleep.

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