My First Girlfriend: part 2

Every year R would have a birthday party where her older brother would reliably spike the punch, not with too much alcohol and probably more theatrically than literally. This was 6th Grade. At one of these parties was the first time I “made out with a girl”.

There were like 40 people there. They had a huge TV room and couches and beanbag chairs we watched The Shining and ate tons of gross food.

R had this huge gumball machine in her bedroom, we went upstairs. I was trying to see how much bubblegum I could ft in my mouth, it turns out quite a bit. I can remember felling the huge wad of gum in my mouth and the way the sugary coating of the gumball  would gently scratch my gums as the hollow center gave way and collapsed. My mouth was thick with syrupy sugar. There were a bunch of girls in the room they were playing truth or dare and asked me to play which quickly precipitated two of them taking me into the bathroom with them, M and B. 

They were definitely a little older than me but not by much, maybe a year, I remember seeing M when I first came up there. M was blonde and dressed and actually kinda looked like Christina Applegate from the 80’s. She was an early bloomer. Honestly probably the first time I had noticed a girl. she was totally heavy metal, ripped jeans and I could see her legs. 

The other girl B was much taller than I was. She was Black an had her hair tied in a high bun. She was very thin and had High cheekbones, I don’t remember her that well because I never saw her again after this party. But I remember the way she kissed me. M locked the door and B got me up on the counter. She took the gum out of my mouth to my dismay,  and kissed me! She pressed her lips to mine and ran her fingers through my bowl cut. Before I knew what was happening her tongue was in my mouth she was sort of forceful and strong and she licked every part of my mouth. Then it was M’s turn her mouth was smaller and more delicate our tongues swirled and danced more. They took turns kissing me for a while and then we rejoined the party, I got more gum. 

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