(Re)visiting: part 2

You see J and I have been friends for a long time and we have both kissed the same girls on many occasions. J. as i indicated earlier would throw some pretty rambunctious parties when we were younger. His parents had a pool in the back yard and we would often skinny dip. There were a few parks around their house and  we would often pair off with girls from the group and disappear for a while, and touch each other in the bushes. 

J. is a year older than I and so when he graduated HS and left for college so did many of my friends. Fortunately he went to Cornell which was only a few hours away and we kept in touch. I would go up there every few months and it was always a great time. Once he and his roommates threw a Halloween party. I came up for the weekend and was crashing on his couch. He had several house mates, all male, and some of their girlfriends lived nearby and we would all spend time together and share meals etc…

So the party had been raging for most of the night, there were fire breathers and jugglers like there should be at any north eastern college and plenty of alcohol and drugs. Later in the evening I was looking for something or someone, several people that I knew had disappeared. I walked into a bedroom and there were J. and three of his roommates and a bunch of girls and everyone was naked and having sex all over the room. I was stunned for a moment. J was on the floor with his girlfriends roommate giving him blowjob. She was wearing a tank top, but no bottoms and I could see her pussy as she leaned in to suck his dick. On the bed by the door another girlfriend of theirs A. was completely nude and D., one of J’s roommates was eating her out. She made eye contact with me and I apologized for entering the room, she said that it was ok and reached for my hand. I let her take it. She kissed it and then put it on her breast. I though OK, so I leaned in and kissed her. 

We kissed for a few moments before she started with her hand down my pants.  I helped her get my dick out and leaned close to the bed while she blew me, she had such smooth skin and dark hair and I though she was so beautiful as I watched my cock go in and out of her mouth. I came, mostly in her mouth but also on her face which she wiped off with her hand. D. never stopped and A. came shortly after I did, I pulled myself together and left the room to went back to the party. 

The next morning D. was a little upset with me because I took “his” blowjob. 

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