Losing my Virginity: part 2

After my first, brief, intercourse with B, I retreated from the couch and went out to the deck to smoke a cigarette where I was surprised to find my friend C already out there. She asked me what was up. I told her I had been with B. She asked me how it was, I said ok.

I was always attracted to C and I think she had a crush on me at one point, at least that is what had been told to me but nothing really ever happened between C and I. She or I were always dating when the other was single. She was a red head and had lots of freckles, huge breasts and beautiful curvy hips. We had made out earlier in the night in the stairwell during Truth or Dare, which it seems I found myself playing often.

A few weeks later I was going up to visit a fiend of mine at McGill in Montreal, L. I always thought she was cute but she was dating a friend within our circle in high school. the thing about college was though is that it wasn’t high school. 

We went out for drinks. Being 18 this was one of the first times that we could legally drink. We bar hopped around the area. I remember a guy hitting on L. while we were sitting on a platform at a bar. she refused him several times before i pushed him away with my foot. 

Later we were back at her apartment and in bed together. she began kissing my back while i was turned away from her. To this day I think about hot gentile and sexy her lips and nose felt on me while she kissed my shoulder blades. I turned over and we kissed. We began to take each others clothes off and she told me that she had a condom, I told her that I had one too, and then she said “great, we can double up!” I laughed. She put the condom on me and got on top of me, she maneuvered myself into her and I could feel a warmth on my dick. She mostly slid forwards and back keeping me deep inside her while she rubbed and ground her clit on me. It diddn’t take long for each of us to come. When it was my turn she kissed me wildly thrusting her tounge deep into my mouth.

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