Indiscretion: part 2

S. and I met again.

She lived about an hour away and invited me to come up for the day. I drove up not expecting her husband to be home. He left though, to go golfing I think and we went to the downtown area. We walked through the town, which was largely in ruins. Artifacts from a more industrial past. She is from this area and shows me some of the places from her childhood. 

We talk about what happened at the club. We talked about how we shouldn’t do any thing again, and that it was a mistake, but that we should still be friends.

The next week we made plans to meet at a park between where we lived, she had coffee and was wearing a sweater and a scarf, her curls and breasts bounced as she walked to me. We walked along a split rail fence under the shade of old maples. I don’t remember how it happened but we started kissing. First a little, and then a lot. She was backed in a corner between a maple and the fence while we kissed I was pulling at her belt buckle and she was rubbing my cock though my jeans. 

She wants to fuck she says, but not here, as we are almost fucking as it is. We go back to my SUV and pull around to a cul-de-sac. We climb into the large back seat. She is wearing black laced underwear, she was planning this. I pulled out some condoms because so was I. Her pussy was shaved I already knew and I wanted feel her again. She was so wet and open I easily slid two fingers into her right away and she began sucking my dick. after a few minutes she laid back and I started fucking her, it was a little uncomfortable so we opened the door and she got to the edge of the back seat so i could stand outside while fucking her, this was great because I could fuck her really hard from this angle, which was what she wanted.

We meet a few more times at my apartment, I live alone at the time so its easy. She comes after work and we spend an hour or so in bed each time, she finds excuses to leave her house and see me. I am completely uninhibited with her; I couldn’t lose her because she could never be mine. 

I am taking photography classes at the time and she lets me take nude pictures of her. Nothing pornographic, just her, nude, in my bed, sweaty. 

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