the x: part 2

So let’s see, A. was living out of state at college. She wanted me to come up and visit her right away. I was a student at the time and was on winter break or something so it wasn’t a problem.

I go up and spend the week with her. She lives alone in a big apartment in a dumpy part of town. We spend most of the time in bed and at restaurants. The sex is good. She sucks my dick and lets me come in her mouth, we fuck, but are careful and use condoms, and only missionary style. She lets me finger her, but she won’t let me eat her pussy, which was something that I had already acquired a taste for with my previous girlfriend. She gets a little kinky and indulges my request for dirty talk and tells me that she loves me fucking her.

I remember laying on the bed with my legs off the end , my toes barely touched the floor and A. stood between my legs and gave be a great blowjob. She was playing with my balls and alternating between her mouth and hand to keep me hard. When I come I come in her mouth and she swallows it and then climbs on top of me and kisses me.

We shower together. I can see her body lean and young with a full butt. She has a small scar on her lip, but it’s kind of sexy. We wash each other and she gives me a hand job in the shower. Her hand is firm and she uses hair conditioner as lube. it only takes me a moment before my sperm is running down the drain.

The nights were a little strange there for me. Her bed was uncomfortable and her dog was weird and would try to sleep on my head. 

We go out to eat a few nights, sushi and falafels. One night I eat at the restaurant she works at while she is on a shift and she shows me off to her coworkers who keep coming by.The week is good and we part ways with plans to see each other soon.

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