My First Girlfriend: part 1

I always had lots of girls as friends, but I wanted a “girlfriend” from a fairly young age. In 5th grade a friend of mine D. had a girlfriend T. that he was kissing on the playground during recess. It looked like a good time and he was my best friend at the time, well I kind of worshiped him. But who could blame me he had gnarly skateboard skills and was making out with girls in 5th grade!  So I wanted to have a girlfriend to kiss during recess too. I really liked my friend C. but she was a classmate and neighbor, and because I really liked her there was too much on the line. There was a cute girl in my class who i also liked and it took me all week to muster the courage but one day at the end of class when everyone was heading for the school buses outside I pounced.  

"J.", I rushed and pushed past the other kids to get within arms reach and tap her on the shoulder, " Will you go out with me?"

She looked at me horrified. “I don’t know!” she squeaked out and ran to her bus.

The next day she came to me and said that she couldn’t go out with me because she had an orthodonist appointment.

As a side note D. and T. didn’t work out either. They broke up before 6th grade, but D. moved on to date a girl named L. and then M. in Junior High. 

D. and M. are married now with 5 beautiful kids.

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