(Re)visiting: part 1

This past weekend was joined by old friend J. and his girlfriend j. (he is much taller and a little older than her so he gets caps). We were at a bar after dinner, we are talking about old times and old friends,  how everyone has kids now, etc… For some reason we started talking about the girls we kissed in high school. The ones we did. the ones that we wanted to but didn’t. There was this one girl (L.) who J. always wanted to fool around with.She had a reputation of being eager, and she was really, really cute. I think he was intimidated by her for those reasons maybe or just never got the opportunity whatever. She was a friend of ours, Her and I would drink together and such.

During High School, J. threw a party. I had been drinking all night, we all had, and everyone that was leaving had left and those staying had found a bed, L. and I were up later than most, we squeezed onto a couch together. First spooning then whispering to each other, I was holding her hand and it was between her breasts, a few moments go by and she turns to face me. We kiss for a little while and she teases a bit me about my erection. We fall asleep together but in the morning she is mad at me because I kicked her off the couch in my sleep during the night.

The first summer after her Freshman year of college L. is back in our hometown, she is a year older than me and so I was just out of HS. We hang out one night, she picked me up from my parents house and we drive around a bit and smoke a joint. After a bit we found a place to park, we are listening to the radio, and she asks me what I want to do.

I am terrified. I am still a “virgin” at this point, but knowing her reputation, I didn’t want her to know that I hadn’t had sex yet, otherwise, I figured, that she would pass on me. I wanted to have sex with her but I didn’t have any condoms. I was shaking. I mustered every bit of courage and kissed her, but I was so overwhelmed that my bottom lip wouldn’t stop trembling. She asks me what was wrong and I told her I was nervous. She tells me that it was ok and we don’t have to do anything, but we could if I wanted to, and then it chokes out of me, “I want o sixty-nine, I’ve never done that.”

She looks at me and says “ok, but we should get in the back seat.”

I couldn’t believe it.

We climb into the back and begin taking each others clothes off and kissing. I remember that her jeans were really tight and the zipper was hard to get down, but she wiggled out of them before straddling me, we kiss for a minute and I can feel her pussy on the shaft of my dick through her underwear and she grinds on me for a minute. I lay on the back seat and she gets on top of me, her blonde pussy perched just an inch from my mouth, which I begin licking while I feel her lips and tongue on my dick. I have never eaten pussy before this and what I lacked in experience I attempted to make up for with enthusiasm. I begin by using my tongue on the outside of her pussy(inner labia) and clit. Then I am fucking her with my tongue and thumb and a few moments later she is cumming. her thighs clench and her pussy begins contracting and becomes even more wet and her breathing changed it became heavier and rhythmic. She never stopped sucking my dick and it felt so good and she breathed through her nose and her pussy clenched on my thumb. I It only takes a few minutes of her thrusting my cock into her mouth with her hands before I come in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. The windows had fogged and our foot prints were transparent on the glass and a car drove by…

Back at dinner I am with S. and j. and J. So obviously, and comically, I indicate to J. that L. and I may have kissed, and so on… and then he mentions one of his girlfriends from college, T. One time, at a party while J. was dating her, we were playing Truth or Dare or something and somehow her and I made out, no big deal, but in the instant he mentions T., I blurt out, “I made out with her!” and it bothered him. I didn’t men to upset him. He was there. It was 15 years ago, and he didn’t remember it and thought I was making it up.

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