(Re)visiting: part 3

There was this girl M.

I wanted her so badly, she was cute, short auburn hair, a pink complexion, hardened by the suburban punk rock scene. She was so much tougher than I was and she knew it. She was dating huge dudes and scorning me, we were “friends” in the sense that we were in the same circle of friends and I wanted to fuck her and she didn’t want to fuck me.

Her sister shows up at J’s. L was like her sister, but two years older. She was even prettier, her hair was like M’s but curly and fell past her shoulders. We are making mixed drinks in the kitchen, and smoking cigarettes outside. They have the pool open because it is summertime. It’s a little later and most everyone has left. J and his girlfriend are up. the four of us decide to go skinny dipping. the water is nice and we turn the underwater light off. Our eyes adjusted to the moon as we undressed on the pool deck and slip into the pool. we splash around for a few minutes and then pair off, Jand his girlfriend laughing together by the pool ladder. L swims to the far wall and I swim after her. She backs against the pool wall and waits for me. I approach her slowly. I can see her pubic hair drifting in the water. I can’t hide my erection from her. She smiles and we kiss our teeth scrape against each other as we make out. we pull each other closer, my hand in the small of her back, she grabbs my dick with her legs and grinds my erection between her thighs and pussy.

We didn’t notice when J got out of the pool but they were toweling off on the deck.

"We’ll see you later guys, we’re going to bed" they whisper as they go inside.

We’re alone. She grabs my dick and we make out for a few moments away from the wall before we float near the deck. She hops out of the water and sits on the edge of the water, I pull her closer and maneuver between her legs and begin licking her pussy. She is so wet and I can taste her juices flowing down my throat, she comes, using a towel to muffle her cries.

I get out of the water and she takes my hard dick in her mouth for a moment, she wants me to fuck her, I’m worried because I don’t have a condom, she assures me she is on the pill.  A few moments later she is guiding me into her wet pussy with me on top of her. We are fucking on the pool deck the wood is creaky and noisy, there is a towel under her, I’mabout to come and go to pull out but she holds me close and I come in her. We kiss a bit more and decide it’s late. We go inside the house and found a spot on the floor, with a few pillows and blankets we slept together.

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