(Re)visiting: Part 4

When I was a Junior in High School I would spend a lot of time with this group of Seniors who had cars and access to liquor. For a little while for me it was Tequila. I would get my hands on liter bottles and split them with my friend J over the course of a night. J had lots of girlfriends that were ready to go to college and so were done with High School. They were mostly honors students who were looking to cut loose.

One night a group of us were hanging out at J’s house, I think his parents were out of town for the weekend like they often were. There were a bunch of people there, I paired off with this girl K, who had strawberry blonde hair that fell in curls around her shoulders and countless freckles. After flirting for a while she and I took a walk away from the party.

There was a park nearby. It was dark and we made our way deep inside away from the perimeter to defend ourselves from the prying headlights of passing cars.

We began holding hands and kissing, softly first on the lips and then with a tongue. I held her head in my hand, her curly hair was up in a pony tail and my fingers intertwined the band gathering her locks. I pushed her bra aside from underneath her over-sized sweater. She was dry humping me and I was playing with her soft breasts and hardening nipples, I began to suck on them when she slipped from my lap onto the bench and laid back so I could see her flat belly and get a god look a her breasts being crushed by her askew underwear.

She was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts, short so they showed off her legs. I ran my hands up the legs of her shorts and pushed on her pussy through her panties. I rubbed her clit through her cotton underwear until I could feel them getting wet. I pushed the moist crotch of her panties aside and slowly put the tip of my thumb inside her tight wet pussy. She gasped.

Slowly, I turned my hand and pumped my thumb until her natural wetness allowed me to pass my knuckle through her tight hole. I continued slowly pumping my thumb deeper and deeper into her pussy I got my thumb as deep as I could inside her and then slid it out past my other thumb which was waiting so that just as her pussy was wide enough for it to fit I got my other thumb inside her.

I fucked her with both of my thumbs, sometimes pushing them both in as deep as she would let me, sometimes stretching her pussy as wide as it could go while rubbing her clit with my forefingers. I slid my thumbs in and out of her letting them slip past each other and stretch her pussy out while I held her legs apart with my hands.

When she was done coming she gave me a quick handjob while we kissed. He lips were so much softer this time.

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The X: part 4

A, my then fiancee was planning to visit me. 

I had saved most of of my money from the first few weeks of training in the military and I had my first leave, my plan was to ask her to marry me and go to the diamond district in Chicago with her pick out a diamond ring.

When she said yes she came with me to the jeweler, I spent every penny I had on a .5 carat stone and platinum setting. The man took a few hours to set the diamond so while we waited we walked around the Chicago Art Museum.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel she was staying at we only had a few hour together before I had to be back on base. I wanted to have sex with her but she felt too hurried so we kissed and I went back to my base.

I was later stationed in Orlando. A couldn’t afford to come visit me right away and since I had spent all of my money on a ring I couldn’t afford to buy her a plane ticket for a bit. so it was a few weeks before A could come down. This was before everyone had a cell phone, I didn’t yet, but she had one. I would talk to her using the pay phone in the enlistedmen’s club. We would whisper loving words through the phone,  I missed her terribly.

We had found an inexpensive hotel near the base where we could easily afford the weekend. I can’t recall what it’s name was, but it had tons of corral stone and the rooms all let out to a central courtyard with a really nice swimming pool and deck with covered tables. There were giant old canons at the entrance. The whole property was overgrown with Floridian jungle plants.

Our first day there A took a shower while I sat on the bed, She came out of the bathroom wearing a cheap blue see through teddy.
 She climbs on to the bed and says “Do whatever you want”.

I go down on her hairy pussy eating the soft slick clit through the rough tangle of her pubic hair. She reciprocates by sucking the tip of my dick and grabbing the shaft. She kisses my dick for a few seconds and says that she just needs to be fucked. We use a condom, I put it on and she sprawls back on the bed. I fuck her for a long time. She howls and screams.

"Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! There! Oh yes fuck me oh fuck , oh fuck fuck my fucking pussy!" she screams over and over "don’t stop right fucking there, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck"

I take a long time to come because I can’t feel anything with the condom on, I think she might be faking it, and I’m being heckled. I can hear people seated on the pool deck laughing.

"I think you got it bro,", one would shout, "I think that’s the spot!"

"Keep going! Keep going!" another would mock her.

We just fucked louder.

We spend the weekend this way, close to the pool deck having loud sex.

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Fetishes: Part 1

There was a girl in my school that had this particular aroma that drove me crazy. I seriously could not stay away from her. It was a mix of her shampoo and her body smell. She never would tell me the shampoo that she used, despite me asking her several times. Whenever her hair moved the scent would envelop me and calm my body it felt good to smell her.

We went on a few dates, to the movies mostly. We would buy gummy candy and sit in the back row and make out. Neither of us really had kissed that many people before though and we spent a lot of time sucking on each others tongues, with our hands up each others shirts.

I don’t remember a single movie that we saw together, but I do remember her brown nipples and soft breasts, her auburn hair, the weird way we kissed and that irresistible perfume.

For years whenever I was shopping for shampoo’s and I would casually smell test the bottle and compare it to my memory of her, once I thought I found it, the closes scent I had ever found. It was a conditioner. I bought the bottle.

When I got home I turned on a hot shower. I already had an erection I was so excited. I first washed my hair and body, then used the conditioner. I opened the bottle and put a huge amount of it on my hands. I slathered it in my hair, It ran over my face ad got in my ears. I poured more into my hands and grabbed my dick with both hands and fucked handfulls of the conditioner until it’s shaft was raw. I changed it up and starting fingering my ass while kind of spinning the head of my cock in my fist. I couldn’t fuck this stuff enough. Afterwards I felt completely empty. The smell of the conditioner wasn’t the same, it was missing the perfume of her body.

Still to this day I will occasionally catch the scent of a woman using that same shampoo and it irresistibly and shamefully turns me on.

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Other Men: Part 1

I was in London.

After A and I broke up I was a mess. I was really depressed and everything in my life was making it worse. I needed to get away, I thought some travel would do me good, it had been a while since my father and I had spent much time together, so we booked a few weeks in Europe. We flew from JFK to Heathrow, the first night was in a a four star hotel in Kensington.

The flight arrived late and by the time a car got me to the place and we checked in it was nearly midnight. I was tired form the trip but I always sleep on planes. My father was out for the night. I didn’t want to keep him awake so I left the room while he slept. There was bar in the lobby of the hotel. I brought my wallet, room key, and sketchbook downstairs to have a few drinks and do some sketching.

The lounge was small, maybe 20 seats. I posted myself in a corner and ordered a beer. there were a few other patrons. My eyes settled on a group of people in their mid-thirties, just a little older than I. there were two men and a woman, the woman was pretty, but she had her back to me and I began drawing the man to her right.

After a bit they broke up. The man I was drawing came over to me, introduces himself as D and inquired about what I was doing. I showed him the drawings and he thought they were pretty good. He asked me what I was doing here and I told him. He tells me that he works in DC and in London and travels between them frequently. The he asked me if I was up to go hit some bars, he says he knows some really cool places.

I figure, what the hell.

We go outside and he hails a gypsy cab. He barks some directions at the driver and we speed away.

"What kind of place are we going?"

"Well, let’s say it’s not the kind of place that you are going to meet a new wife."

After several twists and turns we are outside of a shuttered club.

"Shit, well it had been awhile since I have been here."

The driver says that he knows the place that we are looking for and that it’s 15 minutes away.

I don’t know if i want to go.

D tells me that it will be fun and that he’ll pay for it.

I agree.

We come to a nondescript door somewhere downtown London. D pays the driver and we go inside. There is a cashier behind glass, D pays the  £40 each to get in.

we go down a flight of metal stairs and through a set of doors, then we go down, down , down old stone steps, we must be 100 feet underground. The club is lit dark blue and red. Where we enter there are men fucking on the dozens of leather couches between the thick close  stone columns.

We go to the bar and D buys me a beer before we go to the dance floor. The music is super loud throbbing electronic dance music. there are hundreds of shirtless men swarming in a cavernous room. Gyrating to the think ample beats. there was so much sweat and musk in the room you could taste it. We danced for a bit and drank more. D wanted to to see my body and asked me to take my shirt off, so I obliged and he touched and worshiped  my sweaty chest and back while I danced.

We went back to the Hotel. Neither of us had a private room so we went to the roof. There was a garden with stone planters around them. I sat on one of the planters while D gave me a blowjob. His head was so much bigger than a woman’s. After a bit he had to stop because his knees hurt, but he begged me to turn around. again I granted him his request and I turned around. He had me get up on the low wall and I asked him what he was going to do. He said something my wife probably never did.

He spread my ass and started licking my asshole. his tongue was so thick and strong, he reamed me out. Powerful short thrusts followed by a full on tongue fucking while he masturbated me to orgasm with his big strong hands. He would alternate between liking my asshole and sucking my balls. I had shaved my dick, balls and asshole completely just a day before and he was really into the clean ass and balls. He would completely mouth both of by balls and lick my taint, then back to my asshole which was puckering and farting a bit, I was embarrassed, he reassured me that it was normal. When I came I came in his mouth. He swallowed every bit of it.

It had gotten late. the sun was coming up. We went our separate ways. He said he would leave his number at the front desk for me. I never asked in the afternoon when I checked out.

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My First Girfriend: Part 4

In my neighborhood, Junior High School dances were a big deal. We would listen to music like Salt and Peppa and MC Hammer doing dances like the “Running Man” and the “Cabbage Patch” in big circles. I assure you it was rad.

There was this one girl in my school that could really get down. S was really cute and I really liked her and so here’s how it went. She had long curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and like all girls that age, she was taller than me. I thought I’d ask her out. But When? I couldn’t figure this part out. For weeks I imagined every scenario. Finally after much preparation I had mustered the courage and had a solid plan.

Come Valentine’s Day I had my mom drive me to James Cress Florist’s on Middle Country Road. I bought a dozen red carnations and the florist did them up nice with an absurd amount of baby’s breath, paper and greenery. S lived in my neighborhood so I walked them the ten blocks from my house.

I get to her house, it’s blue and two stories. My house is only one story, I’m Intimidated already. I get to the front door and ring the doorbell. Hopefully she will answer, It’s not that late, like 7:30.

Her mom comes to the door.


"Is S home"

"Hold on one moment"

She calls to her and tells me to wait a moment.

She shuts the door and a few moments later it is reopened by S’s father.


"I was here to see S?"

I can see her brother and sister in their dining room peering past their Father. Utter humiliation.

"Ok, one second, here she is." He leaves.

S is coming down the steps to the front door, she is wearing sweatpants, a loose tee shirt, and gigantic steel orthodontic headgear.

"What are you doing here?"

"Will you go out with me?"

"Hah, sure yes, when?"

"Oh, Um how about tomorrow?"

"Ok I’ll see you tomorrow"

She shut the door.

I had a girlfriend.

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Losing My Virginity: Part 4

K and I broke up.

I knew it was over for a long time. I really didn’t like her and she really didn’t like me. She was just good looking and so I was making out with her for far longer than I should have been. For some reason I had it in my head that we were going to lose our virginity to each other.

The first time that K and I kissed it was at a party, the first time she took her pants down was also at a party. We were outside smoking cigarettes. It was late, most of the people that had been there had left already. This was the suburbs of long island so the yard was plenty big and had a nice sod. The backyard was dark and deep, there were private shadows in the hedges. The ground was cool.

K wore the same pair of super tight jeans that were barely staying together despite the holes revealing her lightly tanned legs. The has rock and roll lyrics and poetry and doddles scribbled on them with black marker and ballpoint pen, and a brace of safety pins.

When she unbuckled her pants and i helped her pull them down along with her underwear to her knees. Her pussy hair was long and unkempt. I kissed her thighs and then she pushed me away. we made out on the lawn for awhile and she put my hand on her pussy.  It took me a minute to find her hole, where I thought it should be felt right and it was extremely tight, I gently pressed in a little until her tight hole gave way to my finger. She was really wet, I fingered her on the cold lawn for a little while, she moaned gently trying to keep quiet. She came and she bit me. She pulled her pant up and looked embarrassed. We decided to go in separately.

I walked in the front door and my friend L was standing there with her boyfriend. They looked at me, and this was the first time I was in the light and could see myself.

I was covered in blood.

My hand, where i was fingering my soon to be ex-girlfriend was covered in dried blood to my elbow. it was all over my shirt. they looked at me and were aghast. I went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up. I didn’t know about the hymen I’m guessing she didn’t expect it either.

K never came inside.

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Indiscretion: Part 4

The first time that S and I fucked in her apartment it went down something like this…

L, S, the kid and I were going to have dinner. We went to the grocery store and grabbed some beer and food, we went back to their place and barbequed some shrimp and burgers, and tossed back a few beers. The kid was put to bed and we smoked some pot.

L was in grad school. This must have been a Friday because he had to wake up early the next day for class or something. S insisted that I sleep on the couch since we had all been drinking for so long. L went to bed.

S and I stayed up and cleaned the kitchen. then we went back to the couch. We each had a knee up on the cushion and arm on the back of the couch so we could face each other while we talked. Her eyes were sparkling at me. One of her pop curls was dangling in front of her face. I went to brush it aside, she grabbed my arm and started kissing my wrist. I leaned in and we were full on tongue kissing on the couch. I couldn’t believe we were doing this! She used her tongue a lot and really gave herself over to me.

I had my hand up her shirt and she was unbuckling my pants. I pulled her jeans off and she leaned back on the couch. She started sucking my dick which was about the hardest it had ever been, I started fingering her but she was so wet and wanted it so badly that I was able to fit four fingers in her and then my whole fist and I was fist fucking her with my right hand. With my left hand I was able to grab and pull her hair while she sucked my cock. I could feel her coming and the vibration of her moan while she paused sucking on me.

She the climbed up on the couch facing the wall with both of her knees together and bend over. She told me not to worry about a condom as I fucked her hard from behind. She stifled her cries as I came in her.

Then we quickly dressed, she was really flushed she got some pillows and blankets together, we kissed, and she went to bed. I didn’t sleep very well.

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Unrequited: Part 1

So many women have I loved and so many women have scorned me.

My first true love was C. The first time I saw her was in my second grade class. She was a cute Sicilian girl that could draw at least as well as I could.

She lived in the neighborhood, near my best friend D’s house. we would all hang out and skate. Her parents took her to the same church as mine took me and we had weeknight religion classes together.

I really liked her when we were kids but she was over the moon for D and they would smooch when they thought nobody was looking. I can’t blame her, D had a much cooler haircut and had far superior skill on his skateboard and drums than I did. I was friend zoned in second grade.

We had so many years in class together from second grade through sixth. I always sat in the back of class and her in the front due to our names. I think I actually fell for the back of her head. Once we were in Middle and High school our class schedules continued to intersect, especially in art electives. I could attribute much of my skill and early ambition directly to attempts at impressing her.

C and I became very close friends. I was her confidant on so many matters, but when she started having sex it wasn’t with me. The thing that bothered me I think was that I wanted to learn how to have sex with her, I trusted her more than anyone and I thought that we would do this thing together as we had done so many other things.

At  the age of about 16 I remember her telling me that her gynecologist informed her that her vagina was misaligned, basically in backwards and that she will probably only really enjoy intercourse from behind. That seemed important and I thought I should remember that.

We kissed only one time. It was a summer night after freshman year of college. She walked me halfway home from her house after I had dinner with her family. She kissed me. It was quick and soft and lovely she told me she loved me and that she was gay.

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Hippie Girls: Part 1

In every sense of the word.

J was so pretty, she was really thin with wide hips. She had a deep olive complexion, long curly brown hair, and she smelled like a bakery. The always wore a tanktop and a flowing skirt. We were taking a sculpture class together and had become familiar. Towards the end of the semester we ended up back at my place after having lunch. This was Senior year in High school.

 We spent some time looking at some drawings I had done, then at some art books. She was particularly interested in a book of Fairy Illustrations that I had.

I really liked her and had finally mustered the courage to try and kiss her today. I was about to make my move. My heart was racing. But before I do she drops a bomb. She was moving to California, San Francisco, in a few weeks. I had no idea she was going to be leaving and it crushed me. I told her so. She laughed, leaned in and kissed me full on the lips!

We made out for a bit before we took our shirts off, her breasts were very small and pointed up. I kissed her shoulders and chest pausing to suck on her nipples for a bit while she hiked up her skirt to dry hump me through her panties. She pushed be back on the bed gently and kissed my chest and then my belly, pulling my pants down so she could tickle my lower belly and hips with her lips kissing, licking and biting me softly. Her hair smelled of vanilla and her dark curls tickled my body everywhere. My dick was rock hard at this point and just dripping with teenage sex. I was about to fuck for the first time.

When she leaned back her skirt was around her waist and her panties were askew revealing her clearly wet pussy. I couldn’t understand at first when she started talking about wanting to stop. I thought we were on a roll.

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My First Girlfriend: Part 3

After the party where I met M I found out that my friend T knew M through another girl, A. They went to a different school, not too far away.I convinced T to get us all together.
Before A would hang out with us she wanted us to get a bag of weed from her older brother. I had never bought a bag of weed before and it was all i could do to scrounge up my share of the dime bag we bought. A was tough, she was bigger than me as were a lot of girls a that age, honestly I was more than  a little scared of her because she had a reputation of being a bad girl and she had older brothers who were drug dealers. When her and M showed up at T’s house it was all I could do to seem like all of this was normal to me.  these two tall Blonde girls with tits ripped up jeans and denim jackets covered in Metal patches, totally normal and in my league.
T’s backyard was heavily wooded and his mother was rarely home. we would hang out back there when we were kids and build forts with the fallen branches. We huddled in a circle and smoked the little bit of grass she had scored, none of us got very high.
M and I made out for a little while and I felt her up. She kept putting her hands down my pants and laughing. This was a lot of fun.
The next time we got together we couldn’t get any weed. A brought some correction fluid and she showed us all how to pour it into a paper bag and huff the fumes. We were all laughing and rolling around on the floor together. I can still feel the way that felt if I think about it. M passed out in my lap and made out with me when she woke up.
 I remember petting her hair it was such a beautiful honey blonde but stiffened from the huge amounts of hairspray she used to turn her bangs up. Her breasts were so soft and badly concealed by her tee shirt, she let me put my head up her shirt while she laid back on the ground and I kissed and sucked on her nipples. She wore black laced underwear and I felt like a total bad ass.  
We did this a few times until she was letting me take her pants off and kiss her soft pussy. I did it so gently the first time and she laughed. Her pubic had was just a tuft above a beautiful light pink clit.
One time T walked in on us when we were half naked on his bean bag chair listening to Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet on his sterio. He got mad at me. We dressed and she went home.
I never saw M again, she moved before school started. I think about her every now and then and hope that she is ok.

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